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Fortran Standard Library (stdlib)

A community-driven project for a de facto ‘standard’ library for Fortran. The stdlib project is both a specification and a reference implementation, developed in cooperation with the Fortran Standards Committee. GitHub,Documentation,Contributing.

Fortran Package Manager (fpm)

A prototype project to develop a common build system for Fortran packages and their dependencies. GitHub,Documentation,Contributing.

This website is open source and contributions are welcome!. GitHub,Contributing.

Get Involved

Join the Discussion

The easiest way to join the community and contribute is by commenting on issues and pull requests in the project repositories.

Whether Fortran beginner or seasoned veteran, your feedback and comments are most welcome in guiding the future of Fortran-lang.

Build and Test

Get more involved with each project by cloning, building and testing it on your own machine(s) and with your own codes; if something doesn’t work, create an issue to let us know! We value user feedback highly, be it a bug report, feature request, or suggestion for documentation.

Contributor Guide

Want to contribute code and content? Check out the contributor guides in each repository for information on the project workflow and recommended practices.

Contributor guide for stdlib
Contributor guide for fpm
Contributor guide for

Community Conduct

As a community, we strive to make participation in our discussions and projects a friendly and harassment-free experience for everyone. See the full Code of Conduct.

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