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Fortran libraries for general programming tasks


Functional programming for modern Fortran
Tags: functional filter fold map


Various utilities for Fortran programs
Tags: constants types sorting mesh spline ppm hdf5 lapack

Open Coarrays

A parallel application binary interface for Fortran 2018 compilers.
Tags: mpi openshmem gfortran


Fortran command Line Arguments Parser
Tags: command line cli argument parser

Fortran Standard Library (stdlib)

A community driven and agreed upon de facto standard library for Fortran


Core fortran routines and object-oriented classes for sorting, kD-Trees, and other algorithms to handle scientific data and concepts
Tags: dynamic array formatting debugging errors kdtree sorting random binary search strings unit testing timing


Unix-like command line argument parsing
Tags: namelist args


Subroutine to give a line-mode command history to interactive programs
Tags: redo


Fortran utilities including unit test harness, arbitrary length strings, parameter list objects, timers, geometry definitions, file wrappers, linear algebra tools, and parallel computing support


Collection of personal scientific routines in Fortran
Tags: solver integral integrate interpolation histogram constants hdf5 error random posix angles probability stokes vectors
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