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Packages / Characters and strings

Libraries for manipulating characters and strings


Core fortran routines and object-oriented classes for sorting, kD-Trees, and other algorithms to handle scientific data and concepts
Tags: dynamic array formatting debugging errors kdtree sorting random binary search strings unit testing timing


Fortran utilities including unit test harness, arbitrary length strings, parameter list objects, timers, geometry definitions, file wrappers, linear algebra tools, and parallel computing support


Fortran strings manipulator
Tags: split join basename search concat


Fortran string manipulations
Tags: upper lower quoted join replace white space string conversion tokens split

Strings for Fortran

A library of string functions for Fortran.


Implementation of the Fortran ISO_VARYING_STRING module in accordance with the standard
Tags: varying length character strings

Fortran Equation Parser

An equation parser class for interpreting and evaluating equations provided as strings.
Tags: equation parser
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