Fortran-lang Governance

This page provides an overview of the governance structure adopted by the Fortran-lang community, which thrives on the dedication, free time, and diligent efforts of its volunteers. The community comprises administrators, maintainers, and contributors who willingly engage and have the freedom to withdraw their involvement at any given point, irrespective of the reasons.

Code of Conduct

Any contribution to the Fortran-lang community must follow the code of conduct.


The administrators are responsible for keeping Fortran-lang operational. They have access to the following assets

  • the Fortran-lang GitHub organization and can invite members, give write-access to projects, and create teams

  • the Fortran-lang Discourse and can give moderator privileges as well as moderate the forum

  • the domain

  • the @fortranlang Twitter account

  • the Fortran-lang YouTube channel

  • the Fortran-lang Mailing-list

Maintainers and contributors should contact the administrators in case any action for those assets is required.

Current administrators are


The maintainers are responsible for organizing the core projects of Fortran-lang, like the package manager, the standard library, and the webpage. Maintainers are responsible for

  • coordinating (larger) projects and steering long-term plans

  • helping new contributors to get acquainted with the project and provide guidance for their first contribution

  • guiding new reviewers to provide comments and feedback for code contributions in pull requests and patches

  • keeping the issue tracker and project boards organized

  • making releases and determining their content

Unless specially required, all discussions and activities of the maintainers will be public and made in collaboration with the community and contributors. Private communications or decisions made by the maintainers will be summarized to the community and contributors publicly after removing personal, private, or sensitive information, that should not be posted publicly on the internet.


Everybody is welcome to contribute to Fortran-lang and its projects. Providing and discussing ideas as well as developing concepts and designs are integral contributions to any project. All contributors can steer and add to the long-term vision of the Fortran-lang projects.


To the extent possible under law, the authors have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Fortran-lang community governance document, as per the MIT License dedication.