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Fortran-lang community projects

Fortran Standard Library (stdlib)

A community-driven project for a de facto "standard" library for Fortran. The stdlib project is both a specification and a reference implementation, developed in cooperation with the Fortran Standards Committee. Find out more on GitHub.

Fortran Package Manager (fpm)

A prototype project to develop a common build system for Fortran packages and their dependencies. Find out more on GitHub.

This website is open source and contributions are welcome! Find out more on GitHub.

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Data types and containers (10)

Libraries for advanced data types and container classes

Examples and templates (4)

Demonstration codes and templates for Fortran

Graphics, plotting and user interfaces (8)

Libraries for plotting data, handling images and generating user interfaces

Interface libraries (17)

Libraries that interface with other systems, languages, or devices

Input, output and parsing (16)

Libraries for reading, writing and parsing files and inputs

Libraries (9)

Fortran libraries for general programming tasks

Numerical projects (21)

Fortran libraries for linear algebra, optimization, root-finding etc.

Programming utilities (7)

Error handling, logging, documentation and testing

Scientific Codes (16)

Applications and libraries for applied mathematical and scientific problems

Characters and strings (5)

Libraries for manipulating characters and strings

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