J3 February 2020 Meeting

The J3 Fortran Committee meeting took place in Las Vegas, NV, on February 24-28, 2020.


The following people / companies attended:

Voting members:

  1. Intel: Jon Steidel

  2. HPE/Cray: Bill Long

  3. NVIDIA: Peter Klausler, Gary Klimowicz

  4. IBM: Daniel Chen

  5. ARM: Srinath Vadlamani

  6. NCAR: Dan Nagle, Magne Haveraaen

  7. NASA: Tom Clune

  8. JPL: Van Sneider

  9. LANL: Zach Jibben, Ondřej Čertík

  10. ORNL: Reuben Budiardja

  11. LBNL: Brian Friesen

  12. Sandia: Damian Rouson

  13. Lionel: Steven Lionel, Malcolm Cohen, Vipul Parekh

  14. Corbett: Bob Corbett


  1. AMD: Richard Bleikamp

  2. WG23: Stephen Michell (convenor), Erhard Ploedereder (member)

  3. Structural Integrity: Brad Richardson

Proposals Discussed at Plenary

Monday 2/24

Tuesday 2/25

Wednesday 2/26

Thursday 2/27

Friday 2/28


This was on the plan but we did not get to it:

More Details

More details available at j3-fortran/fortran_proposals #155 and at the official minutes from the meeting.