Fortran Intrinsics

This is a collection of extended descriptions of the Fortran intrinsics based on the reference document “Current F2018 Working Document as of April 2018”. Vendor-specific extensions are not included.



The standard documents and most vendor-supplied descriptions of the intrinsics are often very brief and concise to the point where the functionality of the intrinsics becomes obscure, particularly to someone unfamiliar with the procedure.

By describing the procedures here

  • in greater detail

  • with a working example

  • providing links to additional resources (including additional documents at and related discussions in Fortran Discourse)

these documents strive to clarify the intrinsics for Fortran programmers.

This is a community-driven resource and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the documents. For contribution guidelines see minibook guide and the following Copyright guidelines.

See Also

  • The Fortran stdlib project

  • fpm(1) packages, many of which are general-purpose libraries/modules

  • M_intrinsics a related project to leverage the descriptions here to generate man-pages and an OS-agnostic CLI (Command Line Interface) program. This includes a tar(1) and zip(1) file of man-pages and a self-contained Fortran program that lets you view the non-graphical plain ASCII portions of the documentation from a terminal interface.

Text Content Copyrights

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