A beginner's tutorial on the software that needs to be installed to start with Fortran development

Authors: Stavros Meskos, Laurence Kedward, Arjen Markus, Ondřej Čertík, Milan Curcic

Last update: 16-Feb-2021

Setting up your OS#

In this mini-book we address the very first problem that many new Fortran programmers encounter. Before everything, you will need to choose a compiler and install it. Then you will need a text editor or perhaps an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). There are many options, most of them available in all major OSs (operating systems). However, the process to install and configure them greatly differs between Windows, Linux, and macOS. There are several Fortran compilers. Here, we pick those that meet certain criteria and provide a guide on how to install them in all the aforementioned OSs. A list of popular text editors and IDEs and information on how to choose between them is presented as well.


If you have already set up your environment, you may skip this tutorial and move forward with the Quickstart Fortran Tutorial to start coding your first Hello World program or with the Building programs mini-book to understand how a compiler works.

The choice of text editors and IDEs has been controversial among the developers. What you choose is a matter of personal taste. Every solution comes with its own pros and cons. For that reason, in this guide, we will not push the reader towards one or another direction. We will, however, present a list of the most popular tools.